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Cruise Shipping

Hull Cleaning

In a year marked by hurricanes, wildfires, and the worst public health crisis the world has experienced in over 100 years, we have seen the cruise industry and the associated communities challenged in ways we could have never imagined.

The reality of 2020 and first half of 2021 sits in stark contrast to the year that immediately preceded it. In 2019, the global cruise industry welcomed nearly 30 million passengers, creating jobs for 1.8 million people around the world and contributing over $154 billion to the global economy. With this growth came increased recognition of cruising as one of the best ways to experience the world, and this industry was focused on achieving previously unthinkable milestones to pave the path for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Following the global pause in cruise operations in mid-March 2020, cruises resumed sailing in parts of Europe, Asia and the South Pacific beginning in July 2020. Despite a challenging period in 2020-2021 YTD, there is reason for hope and optimism heading into 2022.

According to CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association);

a) 74% of cruisers are likely to cruise again in the next few years

b) 2 out of 3 cruisers are willing to cruise within a year

c) 58% of international vacationers who have never cruised are likely to cruise in the next few years

With an orderbook of 100+ new ships that are scheduled to be delivered (though slippages would be expected) through 2027, the cruise industry is expected to recover eventually and bounce back to its glorious days once again.

Subsea Global Solutions has underwater fleet maintenance contracts (circa 200+ cruise vessels) with all major cruise lines, supporting their fleets on a global scale under fixed, lump-sum pricing structures. In addition to regular hull and propeller maintenance which helps them to save on fuel costs, we regularly perform repair jobs on tunnel thrusters, stabilizer fins, propulsion systems, rudders, and shell plates.