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Case Studies

Review our unique underwater ship repair and maintenance case studies to assist in decision making. You can contact us for more information at any time.

HULL Cleaning

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Propeller Polishing

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Underwater Seal Replacements

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Underwater Hull Penetrations

Scrubber Overboard Spool Pipe Repairs with 5 Year Warranty

The installation of complete SOx scrubber systems is entirely possible without taking the vessel out of the water. SGS’s involvement is focused on precision cutting of the hull penetrations for the sea chest openings and overboard spool pipe installation below the waterline.

Underwater Propeller Repairs

Underwater Propeller Blade Straightening – Cold Static Loading

SGS can restore your propeller blades as a permanent repair, to OEM design geometry by cold static loading with our underwater propeller blade press.

Underwater Weld Repairs

Hull Breach on Tanker

During cargo operations, a submerged pile pierced through the hull. SGS worked together with owner and class to develop repair plan that included the design and installation of an engineered cofferdam.

Offshore Oil & Gas

A Blue-Chip oil & gas company incurred several defects and cracks in a critical attachment member of an FPSO’s hull – these defects required repair to allow continued operation.

Galvanic Corrosion on Rudders

3 months out of dry dock, galvanic corrosion caused heavy cavitation/ erosion damage on PORT and STBD side rudders.

Skeg Ripped from Azipod

3 month out of dry dock, galvanic corrosion caused heavy cavitation/erosion damage on PORT and STBD side rudders.

Bilge Keel Repair on FPSO

Design flaws together with poor workmanship caused the bilge keel to fracture during operation in several locations. SGS worked together with the owner and Class to perform permanent underwater wet weld repair on the fractures, without interrupting the production.

Underwater Exchange of Demountable Thrusters

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Tunnel Thruster Repair/Replacement

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Rudder / Stabilizer Repair

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Scrubber Overboards & Sea Chest Installations Afloat

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