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Health, Safety, and Environment

“Safety: Every Day - Everyone” is our first core value at Subsea Global Solutions. We believe that safety is aright and a responsibility of every member of our team. 

Our full-time Health, Safety, and Environment team ensures our facilities, dive stations, and daily work practices meet and exceed established standards. 

We credit our outstanding safety record to the effectiveness of our people, our programs, and our policies.


Our safety culture is based on leading by example and working as a team in everything we do. We watch out for one another and stay vigilant to protect our teammates from hazards.

Everyone understands their role in our safety culture and their responsibility to use their Stop-Work Authority to correct unsafe conditions before they become incidents. 


We design our safety programs to educate and empower our workforce to make safety-conscious decisions that protect the health and well being of their teammates without fear of retribution. 

We seek to identify hazards early and take steps to mitigate them effectively. Our safety team continually supports our field technicians to help them succeed and comply with the programs we have established to keep them safe.


We carefully develop our safety policies to achieve our operational needs without compromising the health and safety of our workforce. Policies undergo a strict review and approval process with the Subsea Global Solutions Safety Committee, subject-matter experts, and senior management. 

HSE conducts daily, weekly, and monthly meetings to discuss ways to improve our policies to take advantage of lessons learned and prevent future incidents. 

Subsea Global Solutions Maritime Academy 

The Subsea Global Solutions Maritime Academy provides a rigorous professional development program to enhance our current personnel and teach new hires how to operate and succeed as part of this high-performance team.

Continuous learning is an organizational priority and a professional expectation of all Subsea Global Solutions team members. We are all continually training and honing our skills to maximize our impact and set the standard for professional excellence in the underwater services industry.

Decades of pioneering knowledge and expertise are passed on through in-house training and qualification programs and the Maritime Training Services (MTS) online learning management system. 

Innovative underwater welding skills and procedures are perfected in our 55,000-gallon training tanks. Our diver-technicians also participate in various advanced training courses and OEM schools.

We foster a culture of continuous learning and professional competence that yields adaptive leaders capable of safely and successfully executing complex projects under the most challenging circumstances.

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