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Port Services & Marine Inspection

Hull Cleaning

Port Services

Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) offers support for a wide range of inland and offshore construction projects. Our dive teams utilize surface supplied air, and mixed gas breathing systems to work safely at in-water depths up to 300 feet.

SGS is recognized as a market leader in underwater marine construction, with long-term port service contracts in place with some of the largest ports and harbors in the world. Our marine construction division is staffed by project managers who have spent decades in the field, in the, water, refining their skills and knowledge base. We employ staff engineers who can support your project from initial design to final completion. SGS is proud to be one of the only professional underwater service companies capable of offering high quality, turnkey solutions for our client's most critical marine construction needs. Port services include:

  • Timber Pile Repair & Splicing
  • Concrete Pile Repair & Splicing
  • Steel Pile Repair & Splicing
  • Structural Rehabilitation
  • Underwater Form Building & Concrete/Grout Pumping
  • Cathodic Protection System Maintenance & Repair
  • Debris Removal & Recovery Services
  • Sheet Pile/Sea Wall Support & Repair
  • Water Jetting & High Pressure Cleaning Systems
  • Trash Recovery & Disposal

Marine Inspection

Our inspection services cover Non Destructive Testing in both the Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Inspection disciplines, with up to date equipment owned by SGS. Our services include:

  • Slope Surveys
  • Seabed Surveys
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Quality Assurance Inspection
  • In Service Inspections
  • Job Progress
  • Planned Maintenance Inspection
  • Damage Investigation
  • Insurance Inspection
  • ROV Inspection Services

ROV Inspection

Subsea Global Solutions is able to supply a range of remotely operated vehicles to meet the inspection demands of clients where water depth, bottom time and or hazardous situations mandate the use of non-manned intervention methods.

A number of these vehicles are small and lightweight and can generally be operated by two persons out of a small boat or from the land.

ROV operations are particularly well suited to deep or hazardous applications of an observational only nature.

ROV’s are also often used for:

  • Power stations
  • Remote weirs and dams
  • Potable water storage reservoir inspections
  • Internal pipeline inspection down to 500mm diameter
  • Diver support
  • Inspection beyond normal diving range
  • Initial site surveys down to depths of 150 meters
  • Cathodic potential surveys

The vehicles can be fitted with high resolution color cameras, acoustic navigation systems and manipulators for basic operations such as small object recovery, sample collection and basic rigging.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

SGS is able to offer a range of Ultrasonic testing services including thickness testing using both digital and "A scan" equipment along with full weld inspection using angle beam probes.

Mag Particle Inspection (MPI)

M.P.I can be provided for surface crack detection using dedicated equipment employing direct and indirect magnetization systems. Surface preparation of the test pieces is also part of the service and ranges from high pressure water blasted surfaces, abrasive grit blast or machined finishes. Personnel hold both national and international inspection qualifications with an extensive background in offshore and onshore surveys of structures and components.

General inspection tasks are supported by High Resolution Color Video equipment which utilizes the latest digital image enhancement technology.

Real time monitoring at the surface enables clients to observe the video and direct the works as required.

These images can then be stored to conventional USB drives or made available through electronic media directly to the client's office.

Still photography systems using digital underwater cameras provide a range of photographic presentations including photo-mosaics, overall wide angle, and macro photography. Detailed inspection reports and CAD drawings are provided.