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Propeller Repairs – Worldwide – March 2018

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Propeller Repairs – Worldwide – March 2018

In the past few months up to March 2018, Subsea Global Solutions has been called on to complete propeller straightening’s and repairs all over the world, including – Canada, Panama, Uruguay, Singapore, and El Salvador. In each case, a team of highly trained Subsea Global Solutions Diver / Propeller Technicians attended the vessel, along with our proprietary large or small propeller press (depending on the job scope) and propeller sectional reduction / optimization gear.

Once onsite, the Diver / Propeller technician enters the water to map out the damage to develop a repair plan together with Subsea Global Solutions' Propeller and Hydrodynamic specialists. After the solution is developed, the best repair option is chosen to optimize propeller hydrodynamic performance considering the extent of damage and regulations governing the repair.  Incorporating all of Subsea Global Solutions’ techniques, including cold static load straightening and optimized section reduction techniques usually delivers the optimal solution to the affected vessel.

Propeller – As Found

Propeller – As Released

Cold Static load propeller blade straightening incorporates the use of Subsea Global Solutions' proprietary propeller press. A thorough inspection is done prior to straightening to ensure the damaged area is free of micro fractures, and any small surface fractures are removed before the straightening process. The Diver / Propeller technician focuses the power of the cold static load press to calculated sections of the bent blade to restore the geometry to near original geometry. This process is approved as a permanent repair by most class societies.

Sometimes excessive damage, cracking or bends beyond the capability of the press – make it necessary to optimize the sectional area of the blades instead. In this process sectional area optimization to the damaged blades is performed.  A calculation is done to determine the static and hydrodynamic affect this sectional area reduction will cause and the propeller is properly balanced to ensure vibration free and minimal performance lost operation.

Incorporation of several propeller repair techniques allows Subsea Global Solutions to execute permanent repairs with minimal to no performance loss.  Repairs are performed rapidly in 12 to 24 hours. This allows the ship to sail in a timely manner, and significantly reduces the time and cost of drydocking. Delivering value adding services is what makes our  happy.  Keeping cash in their pockets makes them smile and assuring them no disruption of service gives them peace of mind in this competitive market place.   Let Subsea Global Solutions be your trusted resourced to deliver unrivaled service!

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