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Subsea Global Solutions delivers marine dredging project to improve mooring access

Case Study

Subsea Global Solutions delivers marine dredging project to improve mooring access


The client’s private island requires periodic dredging of the mooring area due to tides, currents, and vessel traffic. Historically, the client had done the work themselves but this time they were looking for other options to undertake the project to save staffing and due to a short window as the cruise schedule was fast approaching.


The client provided us with a survey report from an independent contractor, which estimated roughly 2,500 CBM of sand and silt had migrated into the mooring area a year prior. Our team consisted of two divers from our local office in Miami and a supervisor and diver from our Saint Johns, Canada office, who mobilized with pumping equipment. Upon arrival, we completed an underwater ultrasonic survey that showed the bottom topography had changed significantly since the first survey had been conducted. We evaluated that this was due to recent hurricane activity and the lack of vessel traffic.


Our team, assisted by the local island staff, were able to remove and relocate an estimated 3,800 CBM of sand and silt.  The work was completed around vessel schedules and other island activities, with twice-weekly video conferences to update our stakeholders.  In the end, accounting for the additional sand discovered we had a happy client that can get back to doing what they are best at, giving their customers an amazing experience.

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