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Subsea Global Solutions Replaces Propeller Blades After Contact Damage

Case Study

Subsea Global Solutions Replaces Propeller Blades After Contact Damage

Damaged propeller blade being lifted with crane

A long time cruise client contacted Subsea Global Solutions with an enquiry to provide an underwater solution to repair/ replace 5 damaged propeller blades on one of their vessel's port side pods during her stay in Port Everglades, Florida. The vessel was experiencing excessive vibration while underway and needed an effective solution. Subsea Global Solutions provided the client with various repair options including underwater propeller blade cropping, underwater propeller blade balancing, and possibly an underwater propeller blade exchange. Since the replacement propeller blades were available, it was decided to perform the underwater propeller blade exchange.

Diver removing propeller blade fasteners

Our Subsea Global Solutions Miami team prepared for the vessels arrival by mobilizing 2 teams composed of 6 expert commercial diver technicians and an overseeing Project Manager to execute the underwater repair services. Due to the global pandemic, Subsea Global Solutions also provided the client with a virtual streaming portal so they could monitor the project remotely without visiting the job site. This is one of the many ways Subsea Global Solutions has adapted to the global pandemic we are all facing.

Subsea Global Solutions started its underwater repair process by establishing load rated rigging points above the propeller using 4F Class A wet welding procedures to allow safe

New replacement propeller blade

transfer of the propeller blades. Once established, we removed the existing propeller blades without incident or delay; concluding the removal process. We than proceeded to install the replacement propeller blades while ensuring the OEM acceptable tolerances were met for proper seating into the alignment channels of the existing propeller housing and installed the propeller blade fasteners to the required torque specifications.  Lastly, we re-welded the propeller blade fastener keepers using Class A wet welding procedures and removed the overhead rigging points allowing us to perform Mag Particle Inspections (MPI) and re-establish a corrosion protection barrier.

The project was completed to the client's satisfaction in a safe, professional, and efficient manner. Despite the challenges faced, Subsea Global Solutions adapted and executed the project to the client's expectation, as we always strive to do.

​​​​​Our goal is to always deliver unrivaled service. From hull maintenance to complex ship repair, there is only one global resource you can truly rely on; Subsea Global Solutions.


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