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Underwater Propeller Repairs

Hull Cleaning

Underwater Propeller Repair Services

  • Straightening large bends.
  • Removal of damaged blade sections.
  • Crack repair and propagation control.
  • Restoration of hydrodynamic edge contours.
  • Static balancing (calculations on-site).
  • Hydrodynamic balancing (calculations on-site).
  • Replacement of C.P. blades and blade seals.
  • Installation of energy saving fin propeller caps such as PBCF and EnergoProFin.

Underwater Design Modification Solutions

  • Pitch and camber alterations using underwater pitch meters.
  • Diameter and blade area reduction.
  • Correction of propeller induced engine overload.
  • Contour modification to eliminate cavitation.
  • Edge modification, including anti-singing edge correction.

Trained & Certified Propeller Technicians

Our Certified Propeller Technicians perform sophisticated Class-approved underwater propeller repairs, which include straightening large bends, precision cropping and design modifications worldwide.
Upon completion of extensive on-site practical and formal training, our Technicians are qualified to accurately assess propeller condition and determine the best-engineered repair solution to maximize propulsive efficiency.

Class approved permanent repairs- previously possible only in a workshop after propeller removal - are now possible underwater using proprietary equipment and procedures.

Underwater Propeller Blade Straightening (Cold Static Loading)

Large deflections can be straightened underwater in hours; dockside or at anchor. The underwater straightening process entails many cycles of cold static loading applied in sequence throughout the deflection. Sections up to 50mm thickness can be restored to design geometry and approved by Class as permanent repairs using our proprietary cold static loading and precision laser geometry measurement equipment and procedures.

SGS maintains a full range of purpose designed straightening equipment sizes to handle everything from tunnel thrusters to Super Yachts to ULCCs.

Fast Response

Straightening systems are designed and packaged for swift worldwide mobilization from key SGS offices by air cargo or even as checked baggage on passenger flights.