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Subsea Global Solutions is a leading commercial diving company operating in the maritime industry with a highly skilled technician base of over 200 divers and ROV operators that are full time employed in 14 locations across 5 continents and numerous working partnerships worldwide. Subsea Global Solutions has an unparalleled technical capability to deliver turn-key solutions at a global scale. We continually strive on developing new underwater technologies and advanced service/repair methods focused on efficiencies and safety to our customers, to be “the one source for global underwater solutions”.

Subsea Global Solutions Formation

Subsea Global Solutions was the logical outcome of an alliance between the Miami Diver group of companies on the U.S. East Coast and Parker Diving Service LLC on the U.S. West Coast.  Miami Diver began operating in 1976, and Parker Diving Service first opened in 1945. The individual companies have merged into Subsea Global Solutions in 2011.


Following the merger, Sea Sub Systems (a local diving company in Tampa, Florida) joined the Subsea Global Solutions group in February 2016. In March of 2017, the All-Sea group of dive companies have been wholly acquired by Subsea Global Solutions, a critical move which provided home stations on both the East and West coasts of Canada, the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and South Korea.  November 2018 brought the acquisition of Los Angeles based Muldoon Marine Services, further strengthening Subsea Global Solutions capabilities and operations on the U.S. West Coast.  ​

Another critical milestone was the acquisitions of Underwater Contractors Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and Gray Diving Services Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, Australia in November 2019, further strengthening Subsea Global Solutions capabilities and operations Asia and southern hemisphere.  Both brands have long roots in the commercial diving industry.​

Our strategic expansion in Singapore was boosted in February 2020, with the addition of TTS (T&T Salvage Asia) Diving Division to our growing network and made Singapore the largest office of the Subsea Global Solutions network.

Finally, our latest acquisition included our long-awaited expansion into Northwest Europe - as well as West Africa in September 2021 with the acquisition of SRN Group Diving & ROV underwater Services (Belgium), which also introduced a highly mobile and robust Hull Cleaning ROV (CROV) to the Subsea Global Solutions family.

Together, Subsea Global Solutions offers a truly global footprint today.

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