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Underwater Seal Replacements

Hull Cleaning

Ship Seal Replacement & Repair Services Include:

  • Lip Seals - dry repair and replacement of complete systems, seal ring bonding.
  • Face seals - wet and dry repairs and replacement.
  • Propeller blade palm seal replacement.
  • Bow Thruster - shaft seal, blade palm seal, gear case seal replacement.
  • Stabilizers - fin shaft seal, crux seal replacement.
  • Stern tube sealing to facilitate inboard repacking of water lubricated stern seals.

Face Type and Lip Type seals can be completely renewed and serviced with Original Equipment Manufacturer approval same as dry dock. Face Type seals can be completely rebuilt "wet" where Lip type seals can be renewed, including the bonding of new seal rings, completely underwater using TransHab systems, the transportable habitats of Subsea Global Solutions.

The TransHab system is a light weight, inflatable habitat that is fitted around the stern seal between the stern tube and propeller, thereby providing a dry environment large enough for two technicians to carry out repairs. Using stock adapters TransHab is designed to fit any seal arrangement, including azipod drives, with liner sizes from 280mm - 1200mm.

Certified Seal Technicians

Professional Diver/Technicians trained and certified by the major seal manufacturers to carry out repairs previously possible only out of the water. Bonding new seal rings, removal or installation of spacer rings, and even complete replacements can be performed at anchor or during cargo handling operations without interference with the vessel's schedule.

SGS is the Authorized Global Service Agent for: SKF Marine (Simplex Seals), the Global Service Partner for Wartsila Seals- JMT (Japan Marine Technology), Deep Sea Seals and Cedervall Seals.

* Exclusive Service Agent - North America and Caribbean for Lagersmit Supreme Seals.

* UW global service agent for SKF

OEM Approved Underwater Bonding

As part of the system development, representatives of various seal manufactures witnessed test bonding of seal ring samples inside the TransHab at a seawater depth of 12 m. Destructive testing of the samples proved strength values same as that of dry-dock bonding, resulting in the OEM approval and acceptance as permeant with classification societies.

Fast Response

TransHab systems, including electrically powered diving support equipment, are packaged and stored in several compact crates HAZMAT free, allowing them to be shipped anywhere by commercial airlines with little notice.