Propeller Polishing

Propeller surface roughness directly effects propeller efficiency. New propellers are delivered with a higher surface roughness than propellers polished underwater by Subsea Global Solutions. Why? Subsea Global Solutions uses a multi-stage polishing process to consistently deliver a propeller polished BETTER THAN Rupert "A". What does this mean to your ship? Well, higher propeller efficiency equals lower fuel consumption. Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to be able to provide Rupert A+ propeller polishing through proprietary techniques delivering a consistent 0.4 micron surface roughness.

Subsea Global Solutions continues to research and develop new process methodology to make this typical maintenance chore into an essential fuel saving efficiency improvement and driving more dollars to ship owners and operators bottom line. Let us be a strategic part of your Ship’s Efficiency Management Plan.

Test Protocol and Purpose

The multi-stage process was perfected in Subsea Global Solutions underwater training tanks on actual propeller blades, allowing accurate roughness measurements to be taken electronically. The procedure was developed over time using many conditioning pads of various surface types and materials.  The final outcome established the optimal materials, equipment, and time.   ​

​Wartsila Propulsion attended the testing providing 3rd party verification of all testing results, the SGS process, and materials used. ​

Rupert A+ propeller polishing