Hull Cleaning

Technical Solutions Available

Subsea Global Solutions has several solutions available for Biofouling Management, Environmentally Friendly Hull maintenance and propeller polishing.

  1. Procedural Management of Biofouling Management, Hull and Propeller Maintenance: SGS understands the constraints established by regulatory bodies around the world.  We develop bio fouling and maintenance management procedures that comply to the requirements of the local port, individual state or international environmental regulatory bodies.   SGS has developed Biofouling Management plans as well as Hull and Propeller Maintenance management procedures for locations that previously banned this type of service.  By addressing the concerns raised by the regulatory bodies and putting in mitigation plans, SGS has been granted procedure approval for the Hull maintenance of some coatings with vessels that are managed as a part of our Fuel Management Program; assuring minimal fouling (micro-fouling only). SGS has also worked closely with regulators in New Zealand to develop Niche cleaning processes as well as approved Bio Fouling and Niche area inspection reports that can be used as documented evidence of Niche Area inspections performed according to recently established guidelines.  By managing the vessels Bio fouling, and the Hull and Propeller maintenance, SGS is able to provide an approved maintenance program that drives down an operators operating cost and improves vessel efficiency.
  1. EnviroHull Filtration System: For locations with regulations focused on invasive species and the release of particulates to the environment, SGS has developed the EnviroHull. It features a spoils recovery vacuum system and spoils filtration system that processes the water on the surface in a contained system and returns filtered water back to the environment.  This system has been tested successfully in Alameda California and is approved for use in Busan Korea.  The EnviroHull system is a multi-stage filtration system capable of operating continuously during Hull cleaning, Niche area cleaning or Propeller Polishing operations. The EnviroHull system is always considered for locations that require Bio fouling management, Hull Cleaning spoils recovery and particulate matter filtration.  The EnviroHull technology is compact, simple and easy to operate in either a trailer mounted or vessel mounted configuration.  

  1. Whale Shark Filtration and Water Treatment System: For locations with regulations focused on invasive species and the potential release to the Environment of matter in either a particulate or solution form, Whale Shark Technologies LTD (WET) (a Wholly owned Engineering company of SGS) has developed the Whale Shark.  It features a spoils recovery vacuum system, spoils filtration system and water treatment system that extracts metals from solution.  Once water passes through Whale Shark, filtered and treated water returns to the environment.  This system has been developed and is being tested with good success in Vancouver Canada, impaired water-ways in Baltimore, MD, Alameda and Oakland California, as the only participant in the US Government sponsored IWCC (In-Water Cleaning and Capture Technology) study.  The Whale Shark system is a multistage mechanical filtration system combined with a water treatment plant capable of operating continuously during Hull cleaning operations.  The system has the capability to filter particulates in solution down to 1 micron and remove soluble metals in solution. The Whale shark system should be considered for locations that require Bio fouling management, Hull Cleaning, spoils recovery with particulate filtration, and water treatment to reduce or eliminate all metals (particulate or soluble) released during underwater hull or propeller maintenance from re-entering into the environment.  This system, requires a large truck-based trailer or barge mounted configuration which makes it suitable for regional use if required.