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About Subsea Global Solutions Belgium

The Subsea Global Solutions Belgium (formerly SRN Group) office is centrally located in the heart of Europe within the well-known ARA region (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), where commercial vessels pass regularly. The working area of Subsea Global Solutions Belgium extends over the entire European continent and the West African region (Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Angola), where we assist many customers with maintenance and repairs of their ships.

Our highly experienced dedicated teams deliver an excellent operational performance trough well-defined technology with safe operational procedures. Available 24/7, the Subsea Global SolutionsBelgium focus is on short communication lines, personal touch combined with teamwork and high-quality performance for all underwater services.

A particular focus since 2013 lies on environmentally safe Hull Cleaning with capture/vacuum capabilities through Robotic solutions with a robust—highly mobile, in-house designed proprietary Hull Cleaning ROV (CROV). In 2021, SRN Group proudly became a member of Subsea Global Solutions, increasing both company's global footprint and furthering our expansion to the ever-growing international customer base.

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