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Subsea Global Solutions Belgium

Subsea Global Solutions Belgium is a leading international commercial diving company in the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Ghent (ARAG) region. We offer a full spectrum of underwater ship husbandry services,including both planned maintenance and unscheduled repairs, and biofouling solutions like ecofriendly hull cleaning rov’s with reclaim (ECO C-ROV) ensuring vessels remain operational with minimal downtime.

Port of Vlissingen/Flushing

Vlissingen, also known as Flushing, is a key maritime hub in Zeeland, The Netherlands. With a rich maritime history, it has evolved into a strategic logistics center with versatile cargo handling capabilities and extensive berthing facilities. The port supports various vessel types and continues to expand its capacity.

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Subsea Global Solutions provide underwater maintenance and repair services to your marine assets. Contact us to request a service quote today!

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Underwater Repair Services in Port of Vlissingen:

We offer a wide variety of underwater ship repair services for the following ports in the area.

Subsea Global Solutions was the logical outcome of an alliance between the Miami Diver group of companies on the U.S. East Coast and Parker Diving Service LLC on the U.S. West Coast.  Miami Diver began operating in 1976, and Parker Diving Service first opened in 1945. The individual companies merged into Subsea Global Solutions in 2011.

  • Underwater Inspections: Including class in lieu of drydock (UWILD) and biofouling inspections, and Belgium holds multiple leading IACS class approvals.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: Scheduled and emergency underwater replacements and repairs, such as propeller straightening, shaft seal replacements, thruster exchanges, and wet welding, as well as routine activities like anodes, blanking, cofferdams, ecosounders and transponders.
  • Hull Cleaning: Proprietary ECO C-ROV hull cleaning services with reclaim approved by the authorities.
  • Regional Coverage: Serving ports in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Vlissingen/Flushing, typically within an hour’s drive.

Why Choose Us for Your Vessel Repair & Maintenance?

Subsea Global Solutions Belgium, formerly Ship Repair Network (SRN Group), offers reliable and cost-effective underwater services. As part of Subsea Global Solutions' world-wide owned dive station network, we deliver high-quality diving and ROV services across Europe, particularly in the ARAG region. Our experienced Belgian and Dutch team ensures your vessel is back in operation swiftly and safely.

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