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About Subsea Global Solutions Belgium

Subsea Global Solutions Belgium (formerly Ship Repair Network - SRN Group) delivers underwater services in the Port of Antwerp.  Part of Subsea Global Solutions worldwide owned office network, we offer commercial diving services and underwater ROV services within Europe, and especially the ARAG port region.

A Wide Range of Ship Inspection and Maintenance Services 

Our professionals are equipped to carry out detailed underwater inspections, routine ship maintenance, and underwater repairs, these services can replace the need for drydocking, or act in support of a planned drydocking where time constraints may require a more creative combination of wet and dry solutions, such as azimuth thruster removal prior to drydock entry, or hull cleaning.  Whatever your need, from overboard scrubber repairs, in-water ship repair, propeller straightening, main shaft seal repairs, thruster exchanges, or permanent class-approved solutions, Subsea Global has the cost-effective solution to provide you with peace of mind and get your vessel safely underway again. 

The Importance of the Port of Antwerp

One of the historic maritime trading centers of the world for centuries, the modern Port of Antwerp in Belgium rivals its Dutch neighbor the Port of Rotterdam in many ways. Antwerp welcomes hundreds of commercial seagoing vessels daily, in part due to its extensive network of liner cargo services to over 800 destinations. Antwerp is also Europe’s largest integrated chemicals hub, receiving both oceangoing and inland chemical and product tankers. The inbound and outbound international trade on a global scale generates in excess of €20 million in added value, including all main cargo types, container, dry bulk, roll-on/off RORO, tanker, and even cruise vessels, as well as specialist vessel sub-categories like offshore support and engineering.

Service Request

Subsea Global Solutions provide underwater maintenance and repair services to your marine assets. Contact us to request a service quote today!

Is Your Ship Docked in Antwerp and Needs Underwater Repairs? We can Help!

We offer a wide variety of underwater ship repair services for the following ports in the area.

Subsea Global Solutions was the logical outcome of an alliance between the Miami Diver group of companies on the U.S. East Coast and Parker Diving Service LLC on the U.S. West Coast.  Miami Diver began operating in 1976, and Parker Diving Service first opened in 1945. The individual companies merged into Subsea Global Solutions in 2011.

Due to its strategic location Subsea Global Solutions Belgium can serve both Antwerp and Rotterdam Ports, with terminals at both typically within an hour’s drive, and provides commercial diving services including underwater inspections, i.e. UWILDs, approved propeller polishing with reclaim, and proprietary ECO C-ROV hull cleaning* services with reclaim at following Port of Antwerp terminal locations:

  • Albertdok
  • Churchilldok
  • Delwaidedok
  • Doeldok
  • Hansadok
  • Havendok
  • Industriedok
  • Kanaaldok
  • Leopolddok
  • Lillo
  • Schelde
  • Vrasenedok
  • Waaslandkanaal
  • Zesde Havendok

Need Hull Cleaning or Ship Maintenance Services in other European Countries? Not to Worry

The Subsea Global Solutions Belgium office’s hub dive station is also able to provide support at other locations across Europe and parts of Africa, having undertaken many PORTABLE C-ROV hull cleanings in West Africa over the last decade. More information on other locations, or contact the office with your specific enquiry details, by telephone, or using our Service Request or simply emailing Belgium@sgsdiving.com

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