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SGS Houston

SGS US Gulf Coast Diving, LLC

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SGS US Gulf Coast Diving, LLC
706 77th St, Galveston, TX 77554
+1 832-240-4234
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About SGS Houston

SGS US Gulf Coast Diving, LLC (SGS Houston) is located in the United States busiest port for Oil and Gas, Galveston, TX. SGS Houston was formed in January of 2015 as a Greenfield office in Webster, TX and we have since relocated to Galveston, TX in September of 2020 to better provide service to vessels, drill ships, and semi-submersible rigs along the coastline of the Gulf Of Mexico.

With our own highly skilled technician base of 15 certified divers,  SGS Houston is the largest commercial diving company along the Gulf Coast. Utilizing special equipment and systems, SGS Houston can provide services including underwater hull inspections, underwater hull cleanings, and high-end underwater technical repairs for Commerical Shipping, Cruise Shipping, and the Offshore Oil and Gas markets. 

Positioned within Gulf Coast of Texas, and partnered with our Florida offices, SGS Houston offers our clients flexible options for all underwater services required in the Gulf Of Mexico.

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