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Subsea Global Solutions


Subsea Global Solutions Caribbean NV T&T

Location Specific Equipment

  • Surface Supplied Diving Systems
  • Hull Cleaning Systems
  • Full range of Cold Static Load propeller blade straightening press systems to handle anything from tunnel thruster, to Mega Yachts to ULCCs
  • Hydraulic saws (track guided and hand held) and milling machines for precision propeller cropping repairs and propeller modifications
  • Underwater Laser Pitchometers for precise propeller blade geometry measurement
  • TransHab systems for dry hyperbaric stern seal replacement
  • Tunnel Thruster Cofferdam systems for in-situ transverse thruster repair and complete replacements
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic chain falls and large stock of rigging for CP propeller blade exchange and u/w machinery repair and replacement
  • Full range of Habitats and Cofferdams for permanent dry weld shell plate and u/w structure repairs.
  • Grapnels and high tensile strength neutral rigging for anchor/chain recovery

Location Specific Services

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