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SGS Busan

SGS Busan Diving, LTD

About SGS Busan

SGS Busan Diving Ltd. is proudly located in the heart of Busan, Republic of Korea, ready and available to provide service. For over 10 years, SGS Busan Diving Ltd. (formerly All-Sea Asia Ltd.) has been providing underwater ship maintenance and underwater ship repair solutions to all vessels trading in the Asia region.

SGS Busan Diving Ltd. is a leading commercial diving company in Korea with a highly skilled technician base of 15+ divers and an unparalleled technical capability to deliver turn-key solutions. The SGS Busan team continually focuses on developing new underwater technologies and advanced underwater ship maintenance and underwater ship repair methodologies, to be “The One Source for Global Underwater Solutions”.

Utilizing specialized equipment and systems, SGS Busan is able to provide unique underwater services including underwater inspection, underwater hull cleaning, and high-end technical repairs in-situ.

Strategically positioned location within Asia with Singapore and Sydney office gives our client flexible option for all underwater services required.

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