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Edwin Van Maldegem

Managing Director / General Manager


Edwin Van Maldegem joined Subsea Global Solutions in 2023 and is a Marine Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the maritime community, who started his career sailing as a 3rd Engineer and worked his way up quickly to Chief Engineer.  Moving ashore after some 10 years, Edwin started as a Technical Superintendent in ship management within ship owning companies, ultimately as Fleet Director for a specialist shipping company based in the Netherlands, prior to joining us.

Antwerp, as the Belgian and European hub office of Subsea Global Solutions serves the ARAG (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, and beyond).  It is also the home of the hull cleaning ROV systems – the Portable C-ROV; and the in-water cleaning and capture (IWCC) EcoFriendly C-ROV; which also operate in France, United Kingdom, and Africa.  Edwin’s mix of engineering skills and experience as an end-user of underwater maintenance and repair services reinforces the portfolio of services offered and customer focus.   In his free time,  you will find him with his road bike,  spinning bike, ski’s or sailing boat.

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