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Azman Basiron

Commercial Director

Asia Pacific

Azman Basiron has joined Subsea Global in August 2020. He is a sales professional with more than 25 years of work experience. He commenced his career as a coating adviser which involved coating inspection, paint and coating material selection. In early years of his career he got an opportunity to work in sales department of large paint manufacturer. He quickly recognised that there were inherent qualities in him for furthering his career in sales and marketing. His experience includes developing new business for major paint companies. In Jotun, he led a marine sales team and acted as Key Account Manager for renowned ship owners and managers. Recognising his potential, the company has enrolled him to take up the NACE Level 3 to further his understanding of the technical expect of the coating application. He has also worked in sales departments of Nippon and Chugoku Paints. During the last five years he has worked twice with V.Ships in Singapore where he was responsible for developing ship management business with ship owners based in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South Korea.

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