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Scrubber Installations

Subsea Global Solutions has developed solutions for ships needing to install scrubber system afloat at lay berths where dry docking is not available, expensive or time consuming. New sea chest and overboard discharges can be installed while the vessel is still in service as a pre-planning step for scrubber installation in a lay berth. New spool pipe can be installed and coated to protect spool pipe from corrosive scrubber wastewater afloat while the vessel is in service or during the off-hire time when scrubber is being installed to meet classifications society’s requirements as permanent fixing.

Prior to a new sea chest being installed and welded to the hull internally Subsea Global Solutions can attach a heat bearer on the shell plate as required by class so the internal welding can be done afloat. On completion and pressure testing of the new sea chest Subsea Global Solutions diver / welders using per made negatives of the sea chest grating and with a hydraulic track saw can precision cut the hull opening for the gratings. The grating mounting hardware can them be targeting and welding in place using class approved wet welding procedures. Since the first scrubbers started coming online in 2012 in the cruise ship industry Subsea Global Solutions has be solving the issues of new sea chest and overboard instillations afloat.

In addition to new overboard spool pipe installation for scrubber discharges, Subsea Global Solutions has also been involved with repairing and replacing existing spool pipes that were not properly protected when first installed. This can require a renewal of the spool pipe as a permanent repair to remove conditions of class or a blasting, built up welding in pitted areas and building up the pipe section with specialized coating depending on the vessel’s next scheduled docking. The customer has options to keep the scrubber in operation using the most cost-effective solution.          

Rudder Repair

  • Rudder Blade repair, removal or installation
  • Rudder Stock repair, removal or installation
  • Rudder Horn repair
  • Rudder Flap repair, removal, installation or isolation
  • Permanent Weld repairs to erosion or galvanic corrosion damage

Stabilizer Repair

  • Stabilizer Crux repair
  • Seal Replacement
  • Flap repair or isolation