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Subsea Global Solutions is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new agreement with Seapeak Maritime Ltd.... more info...


Underwater Repair and Maintenance Solutions

The One Source for Global Underwater Solutions.

OUR Core Values

  • Safety: Every Day, Everyone
  • Innovative: Making the Impossible Possible
  • Integrity: Trust and Accountability
  • Customer Focused: Exceeding Expectations
  • Teamwork: Stronger Together

Why Subsea Global Solutions?

  • Comprehensive service offerings & expertise​
  • 160+ Full Time diver/technicians​
  • Global footprint with 13 wholly owned locations
  • Supporting cruise and commercial shipping, oil & gas,
    and marine construction end-markets
  • Class approved underwater weld procedures​
  • Custom engineered solutions​
  • Commitment to safety & training​
  • Single point of contact for all service & repair needs​
  • Continual R&D of new technologies/methods​

Superior Value Proposition

Our value add comes from a combination of possessing and developing innovative, mission-critical underwater repair and maintenance technologies and providing an unparalleled client experience with a sheer focus to improve our clients’ bottom lines.
  • Focus on preventative vs reactive maintenance
  • Budget with certainty and comfort
  • Avoid unnecessary and costly dry docking via proprietary
    underwater repair techniques
  • Access to a truly global network and rapid response system
  • Be part of the industry innovation
  • Benefit from strategic key account management
  • Ensure compliance with local and international regulations

Worldwide Coverage

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