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Core Markets

Cruise Shipping

The last decade was one of record growth for the cruise industry and that trend looked to continue into the 2020s until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the market hard and fast in February 2020. According to the Cruise Lines International Association(CLIA), 32 million passengers were set to travel on cruise ships in 2020, up from 30 million in 2019 (+ 7% - pre COVID-19). However, as of end August 2020, the vast majority of the cruise fleet was laid up all around the world with the CDC No Sail Order (USA only) currently set for 30-Sep-20 after multiple extensions to the original deadline. Indications show that Q1 of 2021 seems to be a more realistic target for reactivating part of their fleets, especially for itineraries to/from US. 

With an orderbook of 114 new ships that are scheduled to be delivered (though slippages would be expected) through 2027, the cruise industry is expected to recover eventually and bounce back to its glorious days once again.

Subsea Global Solutions has underwater fleet maintenance contracts (circa 200+ cruise vessels) with all major cruise lines, supporting their fleets on a global scale under fixed, lump-sum pricing structures. In addition to regular hull and propeller maintenance which helps them to save on fuel costs, we regularly perform repair jobs on tunnel thrusters, stabilizer fins,propulsion systems, rudders, and shell plates.


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