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Subsea Global Solutions Acquires SRN Group Diving & ROV Underwater Services (Belgium)


Subsea Global Solutions Acquires SRN Group Diving & ROV Underwater Services (Belgium)


14th September 2021


Subsea Global Solutions, the world’s leading commercial diving company, has today announced that it has acquired SRN Group Diving & ROV Underwater Services (Belgium), a leading underwater services and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) hull cleaning firm based in Belgium. With this acquisition, Subsea Global Solutions expands its global footprint to Europe, acquires industry leading ROV hull cleaning technology and increases the number of its home ports world-wide to 14. ​

Commenting on the acquisition, Paul Peters, CEO of Subsea Global Solutions said; “This is a much awaited, critical milestone for Subsea Global Solutions. We are absolutely delighted to expand our global footprint to North Europe, a strategic commercial and cruise shipping hub where most of our ship owner clients visit regularly. In addition to adding a key location to our network, we are excited to add a new ROV technology to our existing suite of environmentally friendly propeller and hull maintenance services.  This acquisition will allow Subsea Global Solutions to immediately  deliver the much sought after environmentally friendly, ROV based hull cleaning services in the highly regulated ports like Rotterdam, Amsterdam as well as Portland, UK. We welcome our new colleagues onboard and look forward to working together.”

Manuella Maes and Pierre Klein, co-founders of SRN Group, have said; “We are proud of what we have built with SRN in North Europe and West Africa (i.e., Tema, Lome, Takoradi, Abidjan etc.), having delivered a consistent and reliable service to our clients since our inception. Our Hull Cleaning ROV (CROV) technology has earned a well-deserved reputation in our key regions, and we look forward to seeing this technology being applied globally. It was time to join forces with a larger and more diverse underwater service provider like Subsea Global Solutions in order to add further scale and depth to our operations and continue to innovate at a faster pace. We are excited to become part of the Subsea Global Solutions family”.

About Subsea Global Solutions
Subsea Global Solutions is the globally formed corporation with wholly owned assets and personnel in USA (Miami, Tampa, Long Beach, Houston, Port Angeles), the Caribbean (Curacao, Trinidad), Canada (Vancouver, Halifax, Saint John), South Korea (Busan), Singapore, Australia (Sydney) and Brazil. With dedicated staff situated globally, Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the methods of repair and maintenance for ships and advanced procedures used in underwater marine construction. Our name serves to accentuate the shared values of the SUBSEA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS companies, and our commitment to be "The One Source for Global Underwater Solutions."  All offices are approved by the major classification societies.

About SRN Group
The Ship Repair Network (SRN Group) was founded as BV in January 2013 by co-founders Manuella Maes and Pierre Klein. The headquarters of the company is located in Stabroek- Antwerp (Belgium), close to the heart of the shipping industry and the port of entry into Europe. SRN has successfully transformed the ROV hull cleaning market in North Europe and WAF with its proprietary technology and approvals in key commercial ports such as Rotterdam and established a well-deserved reputation internationally.



Harun Duzgoren
Chief Commercial Officer
Subsea Global Solutions, LLC

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