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Underwater Exchange of Demountable Thrusters

Underwater Exchange

Subsea Global Solutions is the diving contractor of choice for underwater exchange of demountable azimuthing thrusters. We are the only company Capable of delivering a complete turn key package including experienced service technicians for inboard and outboard operations, stand jacks systems, diving systems, experienced diver/technician, allowing Subsea Global Solutions to have complete coordination on the job coupled with detailed planning ensure that the "inboard" operations being performed are synchronized with diving operations "outboard" of the vessel. This proven model has delivered on time and budget every time.

In addition to turn key removal and replacement of azimuthing thrusters, Subsea Global Solutions can provide complete overhauls of all makers with OEM parts or OEM equivalent parts. With years of experience exchanging azimuthing and tunnel thrusters in the most remote locations of the world, Subsea Global Solutions has the industry leading expertise and local vetted partners to support the offshore industry in all its areas of operation throughout the world.

We have pioneered the methods of exchanging of underwater demountable azimuthing thrusters without the need for expensive and weather dependent crane barges. Developing fully engineered plans of thruster exchange utilizing our buoyancy control procedures, large demountable units can be simply, safely and reliably exchanged in sea states up to Beaufort 2 using the rigs crane.

Subsea Global Solutions has demounted and overhauled azimuthing thrusters of all makes and models from major brands including ABB, Pleuger, Rolls Royce, Thrust Master, Wartsila and others.

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