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Tunnel Thruster Repair / Replacement

Subsea Global Solutions has the equipment and personnel to rapidly deploy anywhere around the world with minimal to no lead-time to perform underwater tunnel thruster repairs. Flexible Hyperbaric Cofferdams and tooling that is packaged for transport on commercial airliners as baggage, makes a global repair solution possible. Bow Thrusters, Stern Thrusters and all other Tunnel Thrusters can be repaired underwater either completely wet or in a dry hyperbaric environment. Subsea Global Solutions Divers who are trained as factory technicians in the inspection and repair of tunnel thrusters makes Subsea Global Solutions the best choice for a fully manufacturer warranted repair.

Wet or Dry we can put your Tunnel Thrusters back in service quickly.

Complete Tunnel thruster exchanges can be done either completely wet or with Flexible Hyperbaric Cofferdams. Instead of waiting for the dry dock to execute critical tunnel thruster maintenance, Subsea Global Solutions can provide fixed price tunnel thruster exchanges in its home port locations as part of a long-term maintenance program. Exchanges can be done while vessels remain in service with no impact to a vessel’s schedule or itinerary.