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(PBCF) Propeller BossCap Fin installations

Subsea Global Solutions has revolutionized the underwater methods of repair of rudders and stabilizers. By using underwater cofferdams (either atmospheric or hyperbaric), fully approved mechanical or weld repairs can be performed to rudders and stabilizers. If underwater removal or extraction is required for a rudder or stabilizer, Subsea Global Solutions floats damaged stabilizers or rudders away from the vessel using the aqueous environment as a crane. Buoyancy control solutions have been developed for underwater lifts up to 300 tons. Underwater seal replacement, including bonding of new seal rings, is possible for stabilizers without taking the vessel out of service.

Permanent class "A" Wet welding to eroded rudder weld seams, dewatering of rudder blades and mechanical repairs to Hi-Lift rudders is all available globally through the expert Technicians of Subsea Global Solutions.

Rudder Repair

  • Rudder Blade repair, removal or installation
  • Rudder Stock repair, removal or installation
  • Rudder Horn repair
  • Rudder Flap repair, removal, installation or isolation
  • Permanent Weld repairs to erosion or galvanic corrosion damage

Stabilizer Repair

  • Stabilizer Crux repair
  • Seal Replacement
  • Flap repair or isolation