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Cloud Based Reporting Tool (SurveyMaster)

The future is in digitalization, and shipping is not immune to this rapid change towards cloud-based solutions. At Subsea Global Solutions, we have developed proprietary online reporting platform that is aimed to address frequently occurring issues in the commercial diving industry which include but are not limited to the following:

  • The quality and scope of the underwater service depends on the dive contractor.
  • It takes too long to receive the final report.
  • Important photos are missing, or information is inconsistent with previous reports.
  • Several items in the reports are not clear and need further clarification.
  • Dive reports are not standardized and only come in PDF docs.

With the Subsea Global Solutions Online Report Tool you can be sure that these concerns will be held at bay. Subsea Global Solutions and its strategic partners are now utilizing a state-of-the-art cloud-based report tool which easily provides client specific guidance for every step of the job. The information provided by the client is always at the forefront of every underwater service, so your special request and valuable information is never missed.

Benefits of the Subsea Global Solutions Online Report Tool:

  • The service report is done when the job is done allowing for quicker decisions regarding items of concern.  
  • Unified underwater reports across your fleet for easy comparison.
  • All underwater service reports at your fingertips in one place with log-in access to the cloud-based system.
  • Improves efficiency and quality of reports by giving the dive teams onsite the ability to easily cross check historical information on the same vessel.
  • Flexible report formats specific to each client’s needs, when desired.
  • Multiple users, shipowners, or ship managers all in one system to filter through under water services for their fleet. Report are in a true data base
  • Simplifies communication between client, dive contractor, and the dive team.

Key features of the Subsea Global Solutions Online Report Tool:

  • Easy and Transparent Analysis: Comparison of underwater services between vessels across your fleet is easily done because of the unified documents.
  • Pre-Defined Scope of Work‍: You define the scope and focus of each service and Surveymaster incorporates them into all services to your fleet for clear communications with your dive team.
  • Quick Decisions: Quickly view all areas of concern under the convenient “Considerations” tab if you are logged in or at the beginning of the final PDF report.
  • Ready to Use‍: The report tool works as a browser-based application in online and offline modes and can easily be accessed from smartphones, tablets, or laptops via Google Chrome.
  • 24/7 Access: Real time access to all underwater service data for your fleet from anywhere in the world.
  • Ease of use: View and filter all details of any underwater service on one page.