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Case Study – Cruise Ship Hull & Propeller Maintenance

Technical Situation

Studies performed by the Florida Institute of Technology have shown that fouling, an accumulation of unwanted material on a ship’s hull or propeller, begins within the first few hours of a ship’s immersion in water, adding resistance and slowing the vessel.
Proper hull cleaning and propeller maintenance allow ships to be more hydrodynamic in the water.
Implementing practices to control and manage fouling can also assist in reducing risk of the transfer of invasive aquatic species, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing air emissions from ships.

The Subsea Global

Subsea has developed testing and cleaning maintenance techniques in partnership with the major paint manufacturers.
The cost associated with hiring Subsea for hull cleaning services and propeller maintenance ($13,000 vs $125,000/12 weeks) are generally recouped in the first cruise.
Recurring preventative maintenance significantly limits costs through reduced fuel costs per mile traveled.
For most fleet management clients, Subsea completes one hull clean and two propeller polishes annually.