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Subsea Global Solutions Becomes A Signatory to the Neptune Declaration


Subsea Global Solutions Becomes A Signatory to the Neptune Declaration

3rd February 2021

Miami, FL

Subsea Global Solutions is proud to pledge its support for the world’s seafarers by becoming signatory to the Neptune Declaration as the first commercial diving company in the world.

We work and cooperate with crew members on a daily basis for all the underwater work we perform on their  ships, and have full sympathy for what these seafarers have been  experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seafarers are key workers and they are vital to ensure the continuity of the world trade and safe  transportation of critical goods and raw material globally. More importantly,  they are human beings who are being deprived of their basic rights.

Our CCO Harun Duzgoren, also an ex-seafarer, calls on every international organization and other influential stakeholders in the maritime industry to be decisive in acting and making a meaningful impact towards urgently enabling crew changes in key shipping ports, and have the travel bans eased and/or fully lifted for seafarers who are trying to return to their families.

With this in mind, please help us amplify the seafarers voice by spreading the word or by taking further action to sign this petition

For further information, contact:​​​​​​

Harun Duzgoren
Chief Commercial Officer
Subsea Global Solutions

+1 305 571 9700


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