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Season's Greetings! An Subsea Global Solutions 2021 Performance Look Back


Season's Greetings! An Subsea Global Solutions 2021 Performance Look Back

Happy Holidays from Subsea Global Solutions

(your underwater services partner)

Before celebrating another great year, we want to pause, reflect, and express our gratitude to you. Thank you to our customers, partners, employees, family and friends. It has been our pleasure to serve you.

Our customers have been busy adjusting to new post-covid impacts and logistic issues across the globe, all while working hard to serve their customers and operate successful businesses.

This year, we’ve been able to help t​​​​​​heir efforts with our unique underwater set of skills:

  • Reducing overall vessel maintenance and repair costs
  • Increasing fuel efficiencies
  • Preventing major vessel downtime through preventative repairs

Nearly 700 clients in 155 locations around the globe were able to keep their fleets and vessels underway with the help of Subsea Global Solutions. This totals nearly 3,000 projects and jobs completed on-time and on-budget for a wide range of maritime industries.

Advancing Technology, Saving Your Bottom Line

The most notable news from 2021 was the Subsea Global Solutions acquisition of SRN Group Diving & ROV Underwater Services.

This exciting news means two key things for our clients:

  • ROV hull cleaning services will be coming available to select markets in 2022
  • European clients will be better served with even more complex underwater repair capability

While we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your loved ones, we wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you for your continued partnership, friendship, and support.

Thank you,
Subsea Global Solutions Team

2021 in Numbers

SGS completed
2,968 Jobs while
695 Clients
141 Locations!!!

SGS worked on

  • 659 Containerships
  • 629 Cargo & Bulkers
  • 544 Tankers
  • 428 Cruise Ships
  • 11 Offshore Vessels
  • 170 Marine Construction Projects
  • 694 Other Vessel Types

SGS performed

  • 1,159 Class IWS/Biofouling Inspections
  • 959 Propeller Polishes
  • 668 Hull Cleanings
  • 45 Shell Plate Repairs
  • 43 Propeller Repairs
  • 39 Thruster Repairs/Exchanges
  • 36 Shaft Seal Repairs
  • 33 Rudder Repairs
  • 1306 Other Projects

We are looking forward to our continued partnerships in 2022!

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