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Pierre Klein

Technical Director


Following a career as an international commercial diver/manager, Pierre started the SRN group in 2013 as a co-founder. He has a background in electronics and entrepreneurial schooling and worked in different countries, and experienced various cultures over the years.

It comes naturally to Pierre to think out of the box and develop solutions for various diverse subjects. With a technical background, extensive experience as an international commercial diver/manager, and a creative spirit, a foundation was laid to build the SRN Group into success with his wife and business partner, Manuella.

In September 2021, the SRN GROUP was acquired by Subsea Global Solutions, and the couple joined the Subsea Global Solutions team to build out Europe and Africa with the in-house developed innovative environmentally safe underwater hull cleaning techniques and Subsea Global Solutions complementary repair methods.

When not working, Pierre enjoys hiking, running, or biking with his wife. The couple has three joint children.

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