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Jarrad Schmerl

Technical Services Manager

Jarrad Schmerl started his career as a Boiler Maker apprentice with the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC). His talent for welding and attention to detail was immediately recognized by his trainers and he was introduced to the welding of advanced and exotic metals and advanced Fabrication/Engineering. After completion of his apprenticeship with the ASC Jarrad moved to California in 2000 where he completed his Commercial Diver training at the College of Oceaneering. At this time, he started working for SGS and has for the past 22 years in various positions, as a Diver, Diving Supervisor, Project Manager, and Sr. Project Manager. Jarrad served on SGS’s HSE committee for 6 years.  With his underwater wet welding skills (he welds all underwear wet weld procedure plates), Jarrad was and still is a big part to get SGS under wet weld procedures qualified to the class A requirements of AWSD 3.6 Underwater Welding Code. Because of his contributions to the welding community, Jarrad received AWS Welder of the Year Award in 2018. In February 2022, Jarrad has joined the Technical team as the Technical Services Manager for all regions.

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